POST Control Centre

POST Control Centre. An award winning tool (IT One Mobility Solution of the Year) that allow POST users to manage their mobile devices and usage and to facilitate data driven decisions with an intuitive user interface that features advanced data visualisation, search, filtering and grouping as well as custom widgets, reporting and notifications. The tool is being developed for POST with the collaboration of POST customers.

Alcatel Interactive Wall

The setup is a webcam, a computer and a video projector. The webcam detects passing users and the application determines their coordinates and these will influence what is being projected. When there’s no activity the application will switch to standby mode. When someone appears in the webcam’s field of view the application randomly loads one of the interactive contents uploaded in a custom management tool. There’s also a settings panel to adjust contrast, brightness, blur, tracking sensitivity and some other switches…

This application can be seen at the Alcatel-Lucent facilities in Cascais.

Anacom Interactive Interface

Interactive interface using motion capture with a webcam and gesture capture with gyroscope. The system is activated with the presence of people (motion) and the interface works with a gyroscope that captures gestures like sliding left or right.
The user can navigate through multiple content pages and videos. The user can also navigate through the videos timelines.